Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat Photography from Bliss Entertainment is here to fill all your needs for your next corporate or red carpet event. We provide an amazing and unique advertising opportunity that cannot be duplicated. Imagine all of the incredible advertising possibilities that you can bring to your next event with a branded step and repeat wall.

So what exactly does step and repeat mean? Basically it refers to the process of having your guests step alongside a banner and stop at certain points to pose for pictures. It’s that simple! It’s just like the red carpet events they show on television for movie premieres or awards shows. And the wall that they walk alongside can be customized with any logo or design.

Don’t miss this chance to impress your guests and advertise is a very unique and creative way. You will definitely reap the benefits from all the extra exposure your company or organization will receive. Order step and repeat branding for your next corporate or red carpet event today!

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